Imagine, Sitting Around the House in Your Pajamas,

while talking on the phone….and suddenly……..you begin to feel better, lighter, as though the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders.

Here is what some of my clients have to say......


"I'm Dana, living in California remotely working with Robin in Texas.

So far, we have had 6 weekly cell release therapy sessions via phone.

I felt much release and tingling the first session. Each subsequent session, I've had a lot of release absent the tingling. My light, happy, restful feeling afterwards confirms my release. Tingles aren't necessary. I like working with Robin over the phone. This arrangement allows me to get very comfortable – wear my PJs if I want to, have my cats around me – and take a nap afterwards. Robin really knows what she is doing. Her voice is calm and reassuring. She talks me through each step and lets me know when there are changes in my release. Our sessions are very interactive. The visualization at the end is a perfect way to seal in the good work we do."

Dana in California



After my first telephone release with Robin I rolled over and slept for two hours.

That told me very clearly how powerful this work is.

I have also found, in subsequent sessions, that the more I am able to “let go” and not try to control what or how I am releasing – more seems to be released.

This plus the fact that I am led to see myself filled with whatever-is-the-opposite –of-what-was-released ensures a more complete healing.

Thank you Robin, for helping me be a better ME!

Peg Carter

Carollton, Texas.



I was not expecting such a profound experience.

I am rather leery of someone who says that they possess extraordinary senses and powers.

However, as I was releasing, Robin was continually correct when she said that she was feeling extraordinary releases from me.

I am truly impressed with her work and her ability to provide the space where this kind of healing can be experienced.

Francis M. (Bud) Morris

Tustin, CA



One of the most outstanding things that impressed me during my release process was that Robin knew exactly when I was releasing and when I wasn't.

Robin is definitely connected with you during the process.

We both did great work!

Mary Dobson

Lewisville, Texas

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How can you help me over the phone?

No matter where in the world you are, as long as you have a phone available, and are able to communicate in English, we will be able to work together.

Is it really simple?

Yes it is, I've tried to make it more difficult but that

just didn't seem to work as well.

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